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Our Mission

The Alliance is a vibrant organization that empowers, provides resources to, and works side-by-side with disabled veterans to promote and support them in establishing, maintaining and growing viable business enterprises.

The Alliance has helped thousands achieve financial rehabilitation through entrepreneurship. We recognize that veterans’ experience in the military prepares them to be smart, capable entrepreneurs. We help disabled veterans achieve the satisfaction, pride and independence that comes from running their own business.

Veterans come home with a strong sense of the value of discipline, hard work and leadership. They’ve worked in the most challenging circumstances imaginable and know they can accomplish anything with the right team.

We are here to be part of a veteran’s team as they build a new life through building a business.


In 1989, with the leadership of Senator Ralph Dills and Mr. John Lopez, an active member for the Association of Disabled Veterans (“ASDV”) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (“VFW”), the California legislature determined that disabled veterans deserved special consideration on state contracts because they suffered permanent disabilities as a result of their service to our nation. This law offers veterans the opportunity to gain experience in business while sharing their expertise with the citizens of California.

The California Disabled Veteran Business Alliance was formed in 1994 following the establishment of the DVBE Program. Its original mission was to assist California state agencies to meet the DVBE procurement goal, which is currently 3% annually. All California certified DVBEs (1,700+) are the constituency of the DBVA and are supported at minimal cost to the disabled veteran owners.

Annually, the State of California contracts billions of dollars for goods and services which helps California’s economy stay healthy, strong, and prosperous, and promotes business opportunities and participation for all of its citizenry.

Small businesses, including those owned and operated by veterans, are instrumental to the good health of the State’s economy and a major source of new jobs.

We Empower Veterans

The DVBA is a vibrant organization that empowers, provides resources to, and works side-by-side with disabled veterans to promote and support them in establishing, maintaining and growing viable business enterprises.

Our diverse, highly experienced veteran-led organization is made up of volunteers working within committees, chapters, advisory board and the corporate advisory board along with the national board of directors who govern and shape the future of the DVBA. Our contractors and staff are top notch, committed and passionate about managing the organization in a way that provides real value to our members. Thank you to each and everyone of you that are devoted to helping veteran owned businesses start, sustain or grow thereby providing purpose which helps the veteran, their family, the community and nation as a whole. Helping one another is an economic as well as moral imperative. We are a strong, tested, proven group that is anything but disabled.

We are twice as likely to be successful in business over other small businesses and we hire veterans at twice the rate. Our skills we learned while serving are tangible and that translates to reduced risk on the buyer’s end. We make up one out of every ten small businesses in this country and one out of every seven franchises yet we make up less than 1% of the population. Women veteran business owners are the fastest growing segment of any group. We contribute $6T in receipts and hire over 6B people. Our population is not shrinking-we are growing with over 2M veterans needing help in this space. Yes, in terms of population we are small but in terms of our contribution to the economy and this country-we are mighty!

We're the longest running organization whose sole focus has been on Veterans entrepreneurship. Our experience has made us a model for other states. We believe in the power of business innovation to help veterans achieve their full potential in life.

We Help Veterans Reach Success

With the combination of a diverse, accomplished, and passionate Board of Directors and professional staff enables the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance to implement its vision of honoring service and empowering success, we believe in the power of business innovation to help veterans achieve their full potential in life.

We Connect DVBA Contractors with Government Agencies and Commercial Contractors Looking to Purchase Products and Services

The DVBA supports disabled veterans through mentorship, advocation, education, and promoting and navigating the joys and pitfalls of business ownership. The DVBA does this through state-of-the-art technologies, experienced personnel, strategic events aimed at improving business skills and connecting the disabled veteran business owner to new business opportunities, local chapters nationwide, fundraising, data capture, and strong membership support.

We help disabled veterans certify their business for DVBE contracts and, through our efforts, have helped raise the number of DVBE contracts as high as 4%.


About the DVBA
Our Vision

As a national entity we aim to provide support in particular to the Service Disabled Veteran community such that disabled Veterans from Vietnam to our current conflicts can become self-sufficient financially through entrepreneurship and as such achieve the true American Dream they deserve.

We believe that service disabled Veterans can best raise our financial independence through entrepreneurship and company ownership and aim to achieve our mission through a number of specific initiatives.

Our Primary Focus
Why We're Different

Our diverse, highly experienced Veteran-led organization is made up of volunteers working within committees, chapters, advisory board and the corporate advisory board along with the national board of directors who govern and shape the future of the DVBA.


The California’s DVBE Program came into being during the time period when “affirmative action” programs were being expanded by state government. As a result, the DVBE Program is frequently and incorrectly associated with government programs intended to rectify discrimination.

Affirmative action programs are intended to provide equal opportunity to all citizens, while the DVBE Program provides proper recognition to Veterans who incurred permanent disabilities while in the service of their country.

More importantly, the DVBE Program’s design helps disabled Veterans rehabilitate positively into the economic mainstream in order to build successful businesses and to contribute to California and our country as entrepreneurs.


For the disabled Veteran seeking to begin or buy a business, the Alliance offers access to a network of the resources useful to the task of creating a start-up, buying an existing business, or participating in a franchise operation.

Beside the standard information any new business owner needs, the Alliance provides experienced disabled Veteran business owners to act as mentors and consultants to the prospective fellow disabled Veteran entrepreneur.

The Alliance will also develop a market place for older Veterans to sell their established, successful business to younger Veterans, giving them a leg up in the challenge of business ownership while preserving all the assets created by the original owner.

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Marty Keller
Marty Keller
Former Director Small Business Advocate for the State of California

Executive Director

Marty Keller is the Executive Director of the Disabled Veterans Business Alliance (DVBA) after serving as Deputy Executive Director from July, 2014, through December, 2016. The DVBA’s mission is to support disabled Veteran entrepreneurs through training, networking, and connecting to public and private programs to encourage business contracting with disabled Veteran business enterprises (DVBEs).

Mr. Keller previously served as Director of the Office of Small Business Advocate for the State of California to which he had been appointed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in May, 2007, and reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown in January, 2011.

In that capacity he was a tireless proponent of realigning state government priorities regarding the essential role of small businesses in the state’s economy. Recognizing that small business owners would have to play a major role in making that happen, he produced the first-ever Governor’s Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship in November of 2008, where delegates voted out eleven recommendations for improving the working relationship between small businesses and state government. He then organized the Governor’s Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship II, held in Oakland in May of 2010.

He also worked diligently with internal state and federal government stakeholders whose work impacted small businesses to promote sharing of information, harmonizing efforts, and increasing service quality and effectiveness. As Small Business Advocate, he communicated directly and regularly with key legislators and staff on matters of concern to small businesses and disabled Veteran business enterprises.

Prior to joining the Governor’s Office, Mr. Keller was executive director of the California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC) from 2001 through 2007. In that capacity he helped auto repair shops deal with the state’s regulatory environment and with strategies to improve the automotive repair market. During that time he served on the California Athletic Commission for two years and was elected Chairman in 2006. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Keller was president of Greenslip, Inc., an independent automotive inspection service in Silicon Valley. From 1995 to 1999, he served in the administration of Governor Pete Wilson as chief of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Additionally, in Governor Wilson’s first term, Mr. Keller served as chief of the Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation and of the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair. These gubernatorial assignments included management of each regulatory program, conducting hearings and issuing regulations and disciplinary decisions. During the 1980s, Mr. Keller was national sales manager for Pacific Financial Printing, an independent graphics firm in San Francisco.

During his various terms of office, Mr. Keller has earned numerous awards for leadership and vision.

Keller earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, and holds a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University.


Leslie Marshall
Leslie Marshall

Board President

US Air Force Veteran and CEO of MEI Mail & Document Management Services
1400 S. Sherman Street, Building 2, Suite 202
Richardson Texas 75081
Erica Courtney
Randy Sinnot, Esq.

Vice President

US Marine Corps Veteran and founding partner of the law firm Sinnott, Puebla, Campagne & Curet APLC
500 Hope St. Suite 2350
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 200-9620
Dan Connor
Dan Connor


US Marine Corps Veteran and CEO of Rams Head Solutions in Newport Beach, California
2421 E 16th Ste #8
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Jack Smith
Jack Smith


1130 Iron Point Rd.
Suite, 140
Folsom, CA 95630

Drake Muat
Drake Muat

Member at Large

US Army Veteran and CEO of Global Environmental Network, Inc., of Santa Ana, California
PO Box 8068
Fountain Valley, CA 92728
(714) 479-1199
Ted Fuentes
Ted Fuentes

Member at Large

Alliance Resource Group
2549-B Eastbluff Dr. #198
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(310) 594-8900
Raimone Roberts
Raimone Roberts

Member at Large

Empire Construction
8480 Orchard Rd E #1100
Greenwood Village
Dave Hornbeck
Dave Hornbeck

Member at Large

Global Blue DVBE
3715 Atherton Dr. Suite 2
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 632-2583
Mike Wray
Mike Wray

Member at Large

US Air Force Veteran and President of BidSpeed in Fullerton, California
201 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 479-1199
Erica Courtney
Erica Courtney

President Emerita

951 Mariners Island Blvd., Suite 300
San Mateo, California 94404
(650) 378-1486

Advisory Board

Sandy Schneeberger


Kevin O'Connor


Ogie Banks


Dr. Deju


Veteran Statistics


Over 1 million recently discharged veterans go into business for themselves


40% of recently discharged (post gulf war) veterans are going into business for themselves as opposed to 10% during Vietnam era


2.4 million service disabled veterans are out there since the gulf war, 40% will go into business


We employ over 6 million US workers and contribute over $6 billion in annual receipts

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